Liability Waiver:

I am aware that participation in Winc City Assault Youth Sports Organization has some inherent risk and that injury can occur.  On rare occasions these injuries can be serious. In consideration of my child being allowed to participate in the Winc City Assault Youth Sports Organization I, the parent/guardian, assume the risk of all injury and agree not to sue Winc City Assault Youth Sports Organization owners, coaches, and directors for any and all injuries caused by or resulting from participation in the organization. By signing the waiver, I also authorize the use of pictures of the above-named participant to be posted on the Winc-City Assault Youth Sports Organization Facebook Page, Website, and other social media platforms used for marketing and advertisement.              

Parent Name

Player Code of Conduct

As a player for Winc City Assault Youth Sports Organization I agree to the following terms and conditions.  I agree to show great sportsmanship to my teammates, coaches, referees, judges, and other teams we may play during the season. I agree to work hard and try my best. I understand that my playing time will be based on my hard work, dedication to my team, and my attitude.  I understand that I must be willing to accept constructive criticism and coaching both on and off the court, field or mat during practice, and during games or meets. I understand that my coach may pull me from a game or meet if I show poor sportsmanship or a bad attitude. I understand that I am responsible to help my league fundraise so that we can participate in as many tournaments or meets as possible.  I will represent Winc City Assault with a positive attitude regardless of the situation.